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Protest March On RNC (Mostly) Peaceful

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By Samuel Rubenfeld


ST. PAUL, Minn.–Thousands of protesters descended here Monday to protest the Republican National Convention.

One independent activist, Jeff Nygaard, estimated the crowd at about 10,000 after saying he counted all of the protesters at the beginning of the march.

The protesters’ biggest cause was against the war, but others wanted immigration reform, some sported GLBT pride flags and others protested government inaction on global climate change.

Most of the protest was peaceful, and I personally did not see any arrests or violence, but there were reports of assaulted delegates, of anarchists arrested and burning dumpsters used as weapons.

One Twitter user reports Monday’s arrest totals in Ramsey County as of 10:30 p.m.

Also, the end of the route was changed by police due to what police called structural damage to a few buildings and scattered violence on the road of the original route. The march went a few blocks further away from the XCel Energy Center and zigzagged back up to the state capitol, where the march began.

Scenes from the protests:

View the slideshow

And video:

[ ?posts_id=1230098&dest=-1]

–Samuel Rubenfeld

Written by chroniclenews

September 2, 2008 at 12:09 am

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