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McCain: I’ve Fought For You, Now I Want You To ‘Fight With Me’

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John McCain delivered his acceptance speech at a stage changed to highlight his strengths in a town hall setting. (Samuel Rubenfeld/The Chronicle)

John McCain delivers his acceptance speech for nominee of the Republican Party at a stage changed to highlight his strengths in a town hall setting. (Samuel Rubenfeld/The Chronicle)

By Samuel Rubenfeld


ST. PAUL, Minn.–John McCain delivered a workmanlike speech when he accepted the Republican nomination for president Thursday night, emphasizing his service to the country and saying he wants to fight for the people.

The speech was deeply personal, and McCain did not hesitate to attack his own party.

“The party of Lincoln, [Teddy] Roosevelt and Reagan is going to get back to basics,” McCain said.

But the speech did not contain much of the raw meat Republicans had been gnawing on for the past two days. He barely attacked his opponent, the Democratic nominee Barack Obama, save for a call and response on basic policy divisions the parties have had for decades. He did not attack the press, as many did the day before.

“The constant partisan rancor that stops us from solving these problems isn’t a cause, it’s a symptom,” McCain said. “It’s what happens when people go to Washington to work for themselves and not you.”

Initially, the speech kept getting interrupted by protesters, and after the third time, McCain flashed a smirk and told his audience not “to be diverted by the ground noise and the static.”

McCain gave a breakdown on his policies concerning war, offshore drilling and fixing the economy, but the bulk of his speech was spent narrating his biography and describing his five years as a prisoner of war, saying it taught him to love his country.

“I wasn’t my own man anymore,” he said. “I was my country’s.”

The speech closed with a flourish: “Fight with me. Fight with me. Fight for what’s right for our country.”


Written by chroniclenews

September 5, 2008 at 12:11 am

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